A Partnership That Will Change The Way You Think About Revenue Cycle Management Forever…

The RevCycle Ecosystem

Your Revenue Cycle is more than just a series of financial processes, it’s an interconnected ecosystem that ties patient experience and clinical charges directly to the revenue your practice realizes. We analyze your ecosystem, from patient engagement and clinical code capture through accounts receivable (A/R), to make sure you are optimizing revenue opportunities throughout the practice workflow.

Patient Experience
Deliver a financial experience for patients that enhances, not detracts from your clinical experience.

Clinical Charges
Our experienced and certified staff works with your clinicians to ensure total charge capture and accurate coding for all the services you provide.

Revenue Management
We are revenue cycle experts. We look at your RevCycle workflows to ensure all financial touchpoints are integrated to optimize results for your practice.

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

In an environment of growing regulations, security concerns, staffing headaches, technology advances, and reimbursement challenges, is it time to consider outsourcing all or part of your RCM?

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Patient Payment Xcelerator

Improve your patient self-pay collections, and provides a better experience for your patients.

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A/R and Denial Management

Reduce days in A/R and minimize claims denials with 98% first-time clean claims rate.

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Coding & Compliance

Our team knows medical codes inside and out. All of our coders are certified and knowledgeable in ICD-10 and CPT codes. 

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Just send us your credentialing documentation and let our team manage the enrollment process so you can focus on your practice.

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A Better Billing Experience for Your Patient, Improved Financial Outcomes for You

“I thought PRL performed so well, really hit it out of the park from my perspective, my collections were well beyond what I would have expected and my account manager is amazing, very professional and hard working –  she’s great, we are thrilled with her!”

Dr Robert Patz

M.D. Surgeon / Managing Partner, Othopaedic Specialists of Massachusettes