Credentialing and Payor Enrollment

Maximizing Your Efficiency by Streamlining Enrollment Administration Processes

Credentialing and Payor Enrollment

Payor enrollment is a cumbersome and time-consuming process.  Lack of proper payor enrollment can result in denied claims, which leaves money out of your pocket.  Our team of experienced credentialing professionals work with your practice to streamline the administrative processes and complete the payor enrollment and contracts to ensure your providers are reimbursed for their services.  

Our customers have access to a real-time credentialing portal where enrollments can be tracked, documents can be saved and reports can be exported. As your RevCycle partner, PRL will manage the enrollment process so your providers can get more valuable facetime with their patients. 

The PRL Difference

As you RevCycle partner, our job is to improve the health of your RevCycle Ecosystem by managing cumbersome processes, including payor enrollment. We handle credentialing from start to finish, relying on our team to represent your practice during payor enrollment. Credentialing is also an integral part of your strategic plan as it will be used prevent denied claims.