RevCycle HealthCheck by PRL

Get to Know Your Financial Health

RevCycle HealthCheck Provides Better Financial Insight

Understanding your financial health – encounters, payments collected, and your full  aging A/R – is a top priority for  any healthcare organization today.  Seeing the full picture of your RevCycle will help you make decisions on where to focus your resources. A RevCycle HealthCheck is a fast and simple way to  examine and diagnose the financial health of your organization.

You Might Need A RevCycle HealthCheck If:

  • You would benefit from the insight that a comprehensive view of your financial health provides
  • You would like a better understanding of the current status of your accounts receivable
  • You want to be able to project annual encounters, billables, or average annual payments
  • Your organization requires actionable analytics or the KPIs to make critical financial decisions

A Simple Engagement 

To get started with your RevCycle HealthCheck, Just provide us with three reports:

  • 3-6 Months of total encounter volume

  • 3-6 Months of Payments Collected

  • Full A/R Aging Overview (self-pay, comp, insurance)

Once we receive your data, our specialists perform an assessment of your current financial health. We generate a report that informs you of how many encounters you have, your total annual billables, annual average payments, and a full breakdown of the status of your A/R. We also compare the results of your assessment against national standards and determine where you can optimize your RevCycle. Once your report is delivered, we discuss with you the results and opportunities for improvement. Talk to us and get your HealthCheck started!


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