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PRL Implementing Client Communication Portal Starting January 1, 2022

To streamline communication and serve you more effectively, PRL is implementing a client communications portal. Beginning on January 1, 2022, all PRL clients will be required to use the new client communications portal to contact PRL. While current points of contact including email and phone will still be available, the client portal will be the first step in communicating an issue or a problem.  We are transitioning to the portal to improve efficiency, make access to documents and resources easier, and to create a historical archive of interactions between your staff and PRL.

The client portal will consolidate incoming questions and answers so you and PRL can easily access important information. Additionally, it allows PRL’s Operations teams to send and receive communications creating a historical report of interactions with you and/or your team. This is useful in the event that a staff member handling an issue is out of the office, as it allows other staff members to continue working on a resolution.  

Each time you log an issue through the portal, a ticket is created. Anyone who contacts PRL with an issue will be assigned the ticket number.  The ticket will include an audit trail of activity on the issue or communication between you & the PRL team. It is vital that you have your ticket number as PRL will not accept calls or emails without a valid ticket. You will receive emails throughout the flow of each case notifying you of updates to the case. 

We are looking forward to improving our level of service and transparency with you. In the last few months, a limited number of clients have been using and testing the new portal system. We have received positive feedback on the system and praise for the efficiency of this new communication workflow. We will be reaching out over the next couple of months to get you set up and orient you on the use of the client portal. 

Anxious to get started? You can contact your POD Lead or Account Manager to begin the setup of your portal access.

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