End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

A Trusted Partnership Built on People, Processes, and Technology

The RevCycle Ecosystem

The revenue cycle is an ecosystem that connects your patient encounters, clinical documentation, and revenue management to create a seamless, interconnected revenue workflow. From patient registration to final payment, PRL’s end-to-end RevCycle Ecosystem is a full-service revenue cycle management solution designed to improve your organization’s financial health. It provides the foundation to receive accurate reimbursements, reduce operating costs, and deliver a better customer service experience for patients.  

We partner with your organization and offer a holistic approach to Revenue Cycle Management, ensuring that each and every process is optimized to produce outstanding financial outcomes.  

Choosing The “Right” RCM Partner

What is the PRL Difference? Our full-service RevCycle model. We are your fully-integrated, strategic partner. PRL is uniquely positioned to help your practice increase payment.

The Knowledge to Do It Right

PRL has a robust RCM team and everyone is an expert who can help you get the most out of your Revenue Cycle Management. They will help with managing medical staff, streamlining RCM workflow, medical coding (ICD.10, CPT), insurance claims submission, reporting, and much more. We are trained, we are certified, and we are qualified to help your practice make more money.

Outsource What You Need

You won’t have to start your medical billing from scratch. Our RCM experts work with your existing systems so you can maximize your technology investments. During our initial engagement, you decide what RCM processes to outsource and what to keep in-house. Best of all, partnering with us gives you the option to scale your RCM outsourcing in the future.

For Us, It’s Personal

You will be part of our RCM team and an account executive who works directly with you. Your financial goals will be met through superior service and strategic alignment. As a result, your collection rate will improve, your days in A/R will be minimized, and your number of denied claims will be significantly lower

“We are very please with the PRL process for a few reasons, it has really been no additional work for our front end and back end staff, it fit nicely into our workflow, patients like it because it makes it easier for them to pay their bill, and the patient payment system has increased our revenue significantly.”

Dr Daryl Colden, MD, FACS

Physician, Founder, Partner, Colden & Seymour Ear Nose Throat & Allergy

Provide the Best Financial Experience for your Patients

We focus on providing a financial experience for your patients that enhances, not detracts, from the exceptional clinical experience you provide.

The Value of Outsourcing

A lot takes place between scheduling a patient and getting paid for the care provided, and the business of running a practice becomes more complex with each successive year. New regulations, fluctuating payer rules, coding, reimbursement, aging A/R, and the challenge of finding and retaining the proper talent represent a few of the challenges facing revenue management today. This growing complexity coupled with the time, money, and experience required places a significant burden on internal teams and systems, and the prospect of “not getting it right” could be devastating for your organization. Here are some things to consider:

Strategic Thinking

Working with a strategic partner allows you to spend more time thinking strategically about your practice. You’re not mired down in the details of the RevCycle and can focus on the bigger picture.


It’s critical to know what’s really happening throughout your RevCycle. Defining KPIs and getting analytics help you make those key decisions that result in better financial performance and a healthier organization. Our RCM professionals keep their thumb on the pulse of your organization, so you’ll always have the insight you need.


Finding qualified people to manage RevCycle operations is becoming increasingly difficult. The expertise and time required are significant, and usually, a team is required to apply the skills appropriately. Outsourcing can provide expertise, performance, and a higher ROI.


While “the business of healthcare” has become a reality for healthcare providers, wouldn’t it be nice to focus on patients instead of collections? PRL is your trusted partner that has your best interests in mind so you can focus on what you do best, providing the highest quality patient care.


There’s one thing certain about technology, it’s going to change. Keeping up with the latest technology, or more importantly, the correct technology for you is a full-time job in itself. The time and money spent learning about and implementing internal systems could be better spent in other areas of your practice.


In-house vs outsource? Healthcare providers can expect to gain 5-10% increase in net collections by outsourcing. MGMA estimates the average cost of reworking each claim is $25-$30, our first pass acceptance claim rate is 90%.